L'instrumentation pour le vol libre et le vol moteur

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  • VGP "Leisure" and "Competiton" manual

  • Tutorial : Routes Creation with GoogleEarth

  • Tutorial : How to integrate and use airspaces



  • VGP update (Windows)

    Windows Download
    Size : 30 Mo

    Program that allows you to update the VGP under Windows

  • Competition code (Windows)

    Windows Download
    Size : 460 Ko

    Program to upload the “Competition” option code to upgrade your VGP

  • VGP update (Mac)

    Mac Download
    Size : 460 Ko
    Version : 1.1.0

    Program that allows you to update a VGP under Mac OS X 10.7, as well as to upload the “Competition” code to upgrade it.
    A huge thanks to Gilles Vayssié for the development of this program.


  • VGP Firmware Version 7.06



    • Stability improvement of the airspace screen
    • During a flight, the logbook screen is disabled
    • In competition mode, the distance is displayed at the tag's border instead of its center
    • Number of GPS signals received and reception quality added in the tracking screen
    • English translation fixes
  • VGP Firmware Version 7.05


    This new version bringing many changes , it is advisable to make a backup copy of your full VGP folder before updating your device.

    New functionalities

    • Added new screen displaying airspaces, with the ability to get information about every airspace by using the arrow buttons
    • Automatic and customizable stop of trace recording
    • Information in metric or imperial unit


    • Maximum size of managed SD cards increased to 32 go
    • Removed wind screen, which was a duplicate of the main screen
  • VGP Firmware Version 6.25


    Bug fixes

    • Maximum turnpoint number increase in a single waypoint file to 200
    • 1.0 turnpoint file format accepted
    • Faster scrolling for wind speed in the main screen

    New functionality

    • C-Record in IGC (Pre-flight declaration)


    • The volume control button has been moved to the top, near the volume icon
    • The bottom arrow button is now used to display wind relative information
  • VGP Firmware Version 6.20


    Improvements on version 6.20 :

    • Management of several instruments to keep them apart within the logbook
    • Compatible with the LOGFLY program (VGP and logbook management)
    • Display of wind speed and wind direction on the main screen
    • Route import to Google Earth format
    • Added “glide to goal” 3 turnpoints before getting to goal
    • USB connection improvement
    • Bug correction for the display of the position in WGS-84 format